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Naruto: Last One Standing (InoSaku, gen)

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Naruto: Last One Standing (InoSaku, gen)

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gift from anna <3
Title:  Last One Standing
Author:  des_butterfly
Genre:  angst, deathfic
Pairing:  InoSaku, hints of NaruSakuSasu
Rating:  PG - 13
Summary:  Sakura dies, and Ino celebrates.


It was a gorgeous funeral, really.

Ino scratched idly at the bandage on her wrist and watched the bartender pull out a chilled bottle of some alcohol she couldn't pronounce and couldn't really afford and set it on the counter.

"You need a glass?" the gruff man asked, eying her with the faint suspicion of someone approaching a wounded animal.

She knew he was seeing her black-rimmed eyes, the bright-red lipstick smeared across her cheeks where she'd pressed her face into Chouji's breastplate earlier that afternoon. She smiled at the bartender and he flinched, instinctively.

"Two glasses please," she murmured, gesturing to the empty stool beside her. "I need to make a toast."

Something bubbly and far too sweet was poured into fluted glasses and Ino took up hers with a flourish, saluting the ceiling with it before letting the sweetness flow down her throat and the bubbles pop against her tongue.

"Happy death-day, Sakura," she said out loud as she reached for the other glass. "You got what you wanted. Always did. Selfish, stupid little--"

Kakashi had looked about eighty years old, instead of barely touching forty, creaking up to the coffin to lay down his flower and stare at the picture on top until Gai-sensei had tugged him away. He was the only one left now, and Ino knew it wouldn't be that way for long.

They were all selfish. Team Seven. Stupid, selfish. Leaving everyone else behind like they didn't matter. Like they were all just peripheral, outside the circle.

And they were all together now.

Ino poured herself two more glasses and downed them in rapid succession. Her tongue stuck thickly to the roof of her mouth as she laughed.

"Many happy returns."



  • oohhh *wibbles* angst at it's best and i know i shouldn't love deathfics but i do, i really, really do...
  • I like this bittersweet piece. Smooth and gentle.
  • *sniff, sob* You seem to be on an angstfic roll lately.
  • .....*wails* My God, that was so sad! Great job and well done. Ino was just right, I thought. ^_~
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