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Naruto: Rival (Kakashi/Gai, drabble)

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Naruto: Rival (Kakashi/Gai, drabble)

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gift from anna <3
Title:  Rival
Author:  des_butterfly
Genre:  drabble, gen
Pairing:  Kakashi/Gai
Rating:  PG - 13
Summary:  There are reasons why Gai is Kakashi's most important person.


Kakashi thinks Gai is probably the hardest person to get rid of in the entire world.

He can make all kinds of mistakes with Gai--ignore him when it's too hard to do anything except flick through pornographic novels and laugh at tasteless, meaningless jokes; be snappish and impatient and lash out in all the wrong places; run away and hide behind masks and books and other people's non-expectations of him; act generally like an asshole without any idea of how to handle someone else, because hell if he can even barely handle himself some days.

Kakashi can make all kinds of mistakes with Gai and it won't matter: which isn't to say that there won't be consequences to messing up, because Gai is perfectly willing to kick his ass from here to Rain Country in the name of 'youthful correction' if Kakashi messes up really badly. But he won't leave. Won't die. Won't give up and say, "well to hell with you, Kakashi, I've had enough of your bullshit" and go off to find another rival somewhere else.

When they were both seventeen, Kakashi kept Gai waiting thirty-six hours in front of a ramen stand, and when he finally showed up Gai only finished his round of one-finger handstands, slapped some chopsticks down in front of him and told him he was paying.

When they were twenty, Gai sat at Kakashi's kitchen table for four days and pushed awful-smelling cups of broth on him until Kakashi finally yelled that he was sorry he tried to kill himself but there was no excuse for Gai trying to murder him with poisoned stew instead. And then the other man had only grinned and told Kakashi to get out of bed and take a shower because he smelled.

Kakashi reflected, later, that he hadn't simultaneously loved and resented someone so much since his father died. Except his father left, and Gai...

Gai wasn't going anywhere.



  • OMG those last two paragraphs were just made of win. I love you.

    Eraya ^_~
  • Yay!! Kakashi and Gai are my secret love affair and this captured them so well. It makes me want to run amuck writing fanfiction for them and drawing fanart. This one was really great, Des.
  • Oh god, I absolutely love this...sooo perfect <3
  • I love this so much... tugged at my heartstrings, actually. I love the second paragraph, because, like Naruto, Gai refuses to give up on his friend. That's real.

    Touching & memmed. ♥
    • I think Naruto and Gai share a bunch of similarities when it comes to putting up with the socially inept. XD
      • FOR REALZ.

        Especially since you would think that Naruto, the village outcast, and Gai, the village weirdo, would be the ones that are socially inept.

        But that makes their relationships all the more sweeter.
  • (no subject) - frackin_sweet
  • fgakfdlkjacaslmdfasd.

    Congrats, my brain is now goo.

    Moar GaiKaka pls.
  • SQUEEE!!!

    The two last paragraphs are made of full of YOUTHFUL LOVE!!

    ACtually, everything is. I loved it. ^^
  • One of my all time favourite naruto fanfics. It's short and simple, and beautiful. And damn, but I love Gai. He's just so..him, really, even in the face of Kakashi's unrelenting modern hipness occasional outbursts of arsehole.

    Thank you for this, it's wonderful.
  • Ah! This makes me so happy. There just isn't enough good GaiKaka fics out there like this. ^^
  • Wonderful drabble!
  • This really makes be want to say "d'awww" in a ridiculously high-pitched voice. Win!
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