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Naruto: Blood Play (Anko/Ibiki)

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Naruto: Blood Play (Anko/Ibiki)

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gift from anna <3
Title:  Blood Play
Author:  des_butterfly
Genre:  smut
Pairing:  Anko/Ibiki
Rating:  NC - 17, violence, oral sex


Ibiki breathed in sharply and traced the line of beading blood over his right pectoral with his eyes. From the way Anko had stilled her movements on his lap, he assumed she was watching too. When she bent her head to cover the wound with her mouth, Ibiki savoured the wet sting and absently wonder if he should be grateful or concerned that at least one person in Konoha shared his penchant for blood-games during sex.

She sat back, licking her lips and handed him the small kunai, already much stained with a mixture of their blood.

"Your turn, Ibiki-sempai," she sang, rocking her hips into his a few more times to punctuate the announcement.

He took the weapon and raked his eyes over her naked body. He'd already marked her breasts, her hard-muscled stomach, her thighs. The rules were no face wounds, although it hardly mattered for Ibiki. He was already scarred enough that a few more mutilations to the cheek and chin wouldn't make a difference. But he wouldn't mark Anko's face and the curse seal on her neck made him cautious about putting a blade there.

"Turn around," he said, finally, and waited as she swung her leg over (flexible as a snake's body) and presented her white back to him.

He mused about cutting into the buttocks for a few seconds, just so she would have difficultly sitting during the Hokage's next set of long and tedious meetings with the jounin, but in the end he decided to make a long, shallow cut up her spine, where she would feel it the most.

She shivered as her skin parted and he waited until the blood was dripping down onto his own skin before lapping it up with his tongue, making the motion rough, his hands on her wrists so he could feel the leap in her pulse against his fingers.

Finally he released her and she slid off his lap and plucked the kunai from his hands, licking the blade and her own blood with a pleased grin.

"My turn now." And she was eying his body too, only her gaze lingered on his hardened penis and Ibiki could almost see the wheels turning.

Anko liked head-games, liked to shock and sicken. If it had been any other man sitting there with Anko holding a knife and eying their dick it would have been enough to make them run for the hills. Ibiki was more difficult to crack, so she'd have to try a little harder.

She held him with one hand, deceivingly gentle, and brought the blade closer, just under the head. Ibiki sat still, not because he trusted her--never trust: she had been Orochimaru's student, still wore his mark, although its powers had been sealed, and she was just a little insane. So it wasn't trust keeping him still in that seat, waiting to see what she would do, but some strange and sick sense of anticipation.

Ibiki had tortured people for years. Sometimes he wanted to know how it felt.

He held his breath as she pressed the blade to him, just barely a nick but it burned and stung like hell, and then, when she closed her lips around the head and sucked--

He groaned and she leaned back, wiping semen and blood from her smug face. As she pulled him down to the floor with her and wrapped her thighs around his neck, squeezing like a python, Ibiki knew that he should have been scared beyond measure that she even existed.

He also knew that he was going to promote her to the head of his team as soon as possible.




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