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Naruto: Pretty in Pink (InoShikaChou)

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Naruto: Pretty in Pink (InoShikaChou)

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gift from anna <3
Title:  Pretty in Pink
Author:  des_butterfly
Genre:  smut
Characters:  Chouji/Shika/Ino
Rating:  PG - 13, gender-bending


He'd pretended to be asleep while she swiped nail-polish over his right and left hand, not willing to give in and spaz out in an attempt to defend his masculinity from pink pizazz! polish--which was what he assumed she was after. Ino always did like a good fight.

But when she started to blow softly on the wet nails to dry them, Shikamaru found his body reacting in a way he couldn't really ignore. He sighed in irritation and opened his eyes.

"Ino, what are you doing?"

"Making you look pretty," she chirped back, sounding very pleased with herself.

"Guys aren't supposed to look pretty."

"That's not true. Sasuke-kun looks pretty."

Shikamaru muttered something under his breath that included the words "Sasuke" and "hermaphrodite" which Ino clearly chose to ignore for the sake of not screwing up Shikamaru's manicure. Instead she turned to Chouji and gave him a sly smile.

"Chouji agrees with me, don't you Chou?"

The stout boy tore his gaze away from Shikamaru's freshly painted hands to focus on Ino's face.


"Shikamaru. Don't his hands look pretty now?"

"Um...well yes, I mean-" Chouji's ears reddened and he began to study the carpet with rapt fascination.

With a superior grin, Ino turned back to Shikamaru and tilted her chin up. "See? I bet Chouji'd love to see those pink nails wrapped around his cock right now," she said, then reached for the tie to Shikamaru's hair.

Behind her there was a choked sound that at least meant Chouji was breathing. Shikamaru decided he could spare a moment to protest the loss of his hair elastic. Not that it mattered.

Ino was combing her fingers through the course mass of Shikamaru's hair, trying to get the kinks out. "Almost perfect," she decided. "Just one thing missing..."

Then she leaned over and pressed her lips to his in a surprisingly chaste, closed-mouth kiss. It wasn't until she pulled away and he saw the smeared lipstick around her mouth that he realized what she'd been after.

"Tricky," he said, with a mixture of annoyance and pride in her strategic planning.

"Thank you," she said, fingers going for the fastenings on his pants.

He rose up on his elbow to watch her, one hand dangling off the couch while the other settled on the mesh over his chest. "If you do that you'll ruin the illusion," he pointed out.

She licked her lips and flicked open a button. "Not ruin, I don't think."

'Great. Ino's got a fetish for dick-girls.'

Shikamaru was about to shove her away when he noticed Chouji over the blonde's shoulder, a red flush darkening his cheeks, his eyes glued to Shikamaru's callused hands made softer by the delicate pink polish. He made a quick, strategic decision.

"Oi," he said, the hand on his chest lifting to beckon Chouji forward. "You going to come help her?"

In reflection, Shikamaru thought that he'd never seen Chouji move so fast in a situation that didn't involve the words "all-you-can-eat".



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