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Naruto: Zipper Sex (NaruSasu, NC - 17)

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Naruto: Zipper Sex (NaruSasu, NC - 17)

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gift from anna <3
Title:  Zipper Sex
Author:  des_butterfly
Genre:  yaoi, smut, humour, PWP
Pairing:  NaruSasu/SasuNaru
Rating:  NC - 17
Warnings:  topping from the bottom, zipper kink, Sasuke wearing orange.


“This was such a stupid idea.”

Sasuke tried to cross his arms over his chest but the tightness of Naruto’s jacket over his too-long arms wouldn’t make the movement comfortable.  He settled for scowling instead.  It didn’t have as much effect as usual, considering the Uchiha was surrounded by cheerful orange fabric and wearing pants that were much too short in the leg for his height.  All in all, Sasuke looked like a kid who had grown too much over the summer and was still trying to fit into last year’s clothes.

Naruto chuckled and finished tying the knot of his forehead protector around Sasuke’s head, giving it an affectionate little pat before pulling back.  Sasuke’s fist swipe just barely missed his nose.

“Come on now, bastard,” Naruto grinned. “Orange is a way better colour for you than black.  You don’t look so washed out.”

“This is the most idiotic kink you’ve ever had.”

“Really?  More idiotic than the ramen noodle handcuff thing?”

The look Sasuke gave him could have stripped the bark from trees.

“Yeah well,” Naruto ignored Sasuke’s glare, “you lost the match so that means I get whatever I want tonight.  Those were the rules, Sasuke.”

Sasuke’s eyes narrowed and he leaned forward to hiss, “You cheated,” in Naruto’s ear.

The blonde’s mouth dropped open in indignation.  “I did not!”

“Oh, and I suppose a bird just dropped that exploding tag down the back of my shirt?”

Naruto rolled his eyes and pointed a finger in Sasuke’s direction.  “Hey, I told you all weapons were fair game didn’t I?  Stop moping like a sore loser.”

A warning darkness crept into Sasuke’s eyes and his back stiffened in outrage.  Naruto saw this and sighed, pressing his hand against Sasuke’s shoulder and pinning him to the wall behind them.

“Look, you don’t have to do this if it humiliates you that much or whatever,” he said, trying to keep the bitter edge from his voice.  “But Sasuke…” Naruto’s expression softened.  “Haven’t I made things good so far?  Can’t you just trust me this once?”

“I trust you all the time, idiot,” Sasuke said, avoiding his eyes—but his muscles stopped twitching underneath Naruto’s palm, which he took as a good sign.

Naruto released Sasuke’s shoulder and smiled reassuringly. 

“You’ll like this, I swear,” he said, leaning in close to nip at Sasuke’s earlobe.  He breathed hotly into the shell of Sasuke’s ear for a few seconds, waiting for the other boy to loosen up enough to respond.

When Sasuke finally released a sigh and a shiver, Naruto switched tactics, curling his tongue out over the soft skin right below the earlobe and catching it with his teeth.  One slight tug had Sasuke’s head angling towards him obediently and Naruto knew he was ready.

‘Who would have thought that the ears would be such a hot-spot for him?’ the blond mused to himself as he moved down to Sasuke’s neck, ringed by the dirt-stained white collar of his old jacket.  He lapped thoughtfully at the hollow of Sasuke’s throat for a while and snuck a peek at how Sasuke was taking this treatment.

The Uchiha was watching him warily, mouth still twisted in the remnants of a scowl, even as the pulse in his neck jumped at twice its normal speed.  For a second, Naruto was annoyed.  Why couldn’t the bastard just relax and enjoy himself?  Did it have to be a battle every single time?

‘Then again, if it’s not a battle, it’s not Sasuke.’

With that exasperating thought in mind, Naruto crouched down a little and took the small metal zipper of the jacket delicately between his front teeth. 

Sasuke’s breathing paused.

“…What are you doing, Naruto?”

Unable to answer around a mouthful of zipper tag, Naruto only grinned and then started to lower his head, slowly pulling down the zipper with a raspy hum that seemed very loud in the quiet of the room. 

The hitch in Sasuke’s breath was encouraging.  Naruto knelt on the floor in front of him, still pulling the zipper down inch by torturous inch with his mouth.  He paused every so often to lick at the bare skin beneath the jacket, enjoying the way Sasuke’s muscles jumped and quivered beneath the flat of his tongue.

When he reached the bottom, he used a quick flexing of his jaw to unhook the zipper and leave the jacket open and scratching lightly at Sasuke’s bare torso.  He pressed a small kiss to the skin just above the waistband of Sasuke’s pants and then rested back on his heels with a satisfied grin.

Above him, Sasuke’s head had fallen forward on his neck as he watched Naruto’s progress down the length of his body, and his eyes were dark and half-lidded.

“What—” A hard swallow, bonus points!  “What was that about, idiot?”

“Well,” Naruto sighed, nuzzling at Sasuke’s navel, and then down a bit where a hard lump was beginning to assert itself, “it’s like this.  You wear easy access clothing—oh come on Sasuke, don’t even start to argue.  You do.  That kimono thing you’ve taken to wearing recently?  Totally easy access.  Why do you think Sakura-chan keeps ‘accidentally’ stepping on your sash so much?”

Sasuke snapped his mouth shut on the angry retort he had probably been planning to lash out with, but his eyes were glaring daggers now.  Naruto rubbed his cheek quickly against Sasuke’s groin and the glare lost its focus, hazing over into a slightly flustered look of want.

“So, where was I?” Naruto murmured, breathing in the scent of grass and dirt and spilled miso that was his own clothing and the musk of Sasuke underneath it.  “Um.  Yeah, your easy access clothing.  So it’s great and all but you never let me undress you.  You just yank a string or something and you’re naked.  Takes all the fun out of it, really.”

At that, Sasuke raised an eyebrow and Naruto was forced to remedy his last statement.

“Okay, not all the fun,” he admitted.  “Probably not even half the fun.  But some of the fun of getting naked with you is gone, so today I’m going to take my time.”

“And the dressing me up in your old jacket and pants thing?” Sasuke asked, still looking like he thought this was all just a ploy to humiliate him.

Naruto grinned and licked a long wet stripe right up the line of the zipper on the pants, tasting the cool metal on his tongue.  Sasuke made a gulping sound, which he quickly tried to cover up as a cough.

“Your clothes don’t have zippers,” Naruto said blithely, bringing his palms up to press Sasuke’s hips firmly back into the wall.  “I like zippers.”

Sasuke muttered something that sounded suspiciously like “perverted freak” but it was swallowed up in a groan as Naruto wrapped his lips around the zip of the pants and started to slowly pull it down.

No underwear.  That had been one of the “rules” and Naruto made sure to keep Sasuke’s hips perfectly still as he made the slow journey down.  Getting little Sasuke caught in the zipper at such an inopportune moment would not be good.

The sound of the heavy zip sliding down was soon overtaken by Sasuke’s panting breaths, and Naruto noticed that Sasuke’s hands were now cupping the back of his head and tangling in his hair, mussing it further.

Carefully, Naruto used his nose and chin to ease Sasuke’s hardness out of the folds of his pants, which would have fallen to pool around Sasuke’s feet if he hadn’t had his hips pressed so forcefully into the wall.

The heat of Sasuke against his cheek and chin left Naruto feeling more than a little mischievous.  He bypassed the erection jutting up in front of him and nudged the edges of the open pants aside, nosing at the soft sack just below.  Naruto gave an experimental lick and was gratified by the jerk of Sasuke’s hips and the soft grunt above him.

He licked again, then turned his face slightly to bite into Sasuke’s thigh.  Fingers tightened in his hair.

“Get on with it, moron.”

The voice was steady, but the thigh under Naruto’s mouth was trembling in an interesting way.  Naruto chuckled to himself and then delivered a harsher bite to the other thigh, soothing the spot with a kiss.

“This is about taking my time, Sasuke,” he said, rubbing his thumbs against the bare skin of Sasuke’s hips.  “Just relax, will you.”

Sasuke shot him a look that clearly called into question his heritage, his intelligence, and his manhood all in one devastating blow.  Naruto just sighed and mouthed the depression of Sasuke’s navel before stretching his lips around the head of his cock and giving a light suckle. 

Sasuke twitched against his hands and his hands sifted restlessly through Naruto’s hair as he licked several wet lines up Sasuke’s cock from base to tip, stopping every so often to scrape his teeth gently against the reddened shaft.

As he began to take Sasuke into his mouth as far as he could go without gagging, Naruto’s hands left Sasuke’s hips to grasp and steady the base of Sasuke’s cock and rub his balls firmly with the heel of his palm.

There was a solid thunk above him, which said that Sasuke had thrown his head back and connected rather painfully with the wall.  He quickened the sliding motion with his mouth and hands, humming softly around his mouthful.


Sasuke let out a sound of surprise through gritted teeth, and Naruto nipped sharply at the base of Sasuke’s cock, cutting off the orgasm before it started.  The hands in his hair yanked violently and he pulled away to see Sasuke’s face start to close like a thundercloud.


“Now, now, Sasuke,” he soothed, shifting back and reaching for the zipper to his own pants.  He pulled them down slowly as well, scratching his nails against the metal teeth several times before grasping the tag.

Sasuke’s eyes were glued to his crotch.  He couldn’t help putting on a little show, rubbing and patting his concealed erection before stripping himself of the pants completely.

“Remember what I said about patience?” Naruto mocked, fishing a small tube out of the discarded pants pocket and unscrewing the cap.

The lube was clear and slippery on his fingers, and he hunched awkwardly for a few seconds before settling into a position on all-fours where he could reach back to prepare himself.

Sasuke watched this with interest, tugging absently at his own cock while Naruto wiggled and stretched two fingers inside his opening.

“Sasuke,” he groaned as he scissored the digits inside him, “sit down.”

“I’m not your dog,” Sasuke snapped back, but the contempt was gone from his voice for the moment and he slid to the floor with his back against the wall without any more complaining.

Naruto took a few extra minutes preparing himself, thrusting his fingers in deeply and spreading them out to press against the mildly resisting muscle inside. 

It had hurt him the last time he’d persuaded Sasuke to let him bottom and the Uchiha had predictably freaked out and locked himself in his room, leaving Naruto with a slightly wilted (but none the less urgent) hard-on, a sore ass for about the two seconds it took the Kyuubi to wake the hell up and heal him, and a pissy boyfriend to deal with. 

That wasn’t going to happen again.

When he’d felt like he’d stretched himself out enough, Naruto grabbed the tube and crawled over to where Sasuke sat.  He pushed himself between the Uchiha’s thighs and batted Sasuke’s hand away from his erection, replacing it with his own lubed-up palm.

Sasuke’s head thumped against the wall again, and Naruto decided that he must have tied the hitai-ate real well around Sasuke’s head, because the knot hadn’t come undone with all the banging it was doing.  The cloth had slipped down, however, so the edge of the metal plate bearing the symbol of the Leaf was just touching Sasuke’s eyelashes.

Naruto abandoned his manipulations of Sasuke’s cock and wiped his slicked palm on the carpet, knowing that the bastard would yell at him for that later.  At the moment, the dark-haired boy was just a bit preoccupied with watching Naruto climb into his lap, adjust himself, and then slowly sit down on Sasuke’s cock.

Naruto moaned aloud as he took Sasuke in, the slow burn of it still feeling strange and slightly uncomfortable and full.  It was worth it, though, when he saw Sasuke’s reaction.

His head was tilted forward, almost resting on his heaving chest, and his bangs messily covered his eyes, but Naruto could still see the rosy flush on Sasuke’s cheeks and the bridge of his nose, and the slightly parted lips that were reddening with arousal.

“You’re so pretty,” he teased, giving an experimental twist of his hips.

“Shut u—” Sasuke muttered, but broke off into a strangled moan as Naruto began to move.

Panting, he braced one hand on the wall and one on Sasuke’s shoulder.  The zipper on Sasuke’s pants (which were still halfway down his thighs) jingled and scraped against his ass as he slid harder into the cradle of Sasuke’s hips.

Sasuke wriggled underneath him, trying to spread his legs more, and then reached out a hand to pull his pants further down.  Naruto’s hand on his wrist stopped him.

“Ke…Keep ‘em on,” the blond panted, swallowing thickly.

Sasuke whispered something like “freak” again, but he stopped fussing at the pants and brought his hands up to stroke along the line of Naruto’s back instead, palms slipping a bit against the sweat that had collected like a sheen on his skin.

Naruto arched into the touch and groaned, hips tilting back a bit so he could see Sasuke’s cock disappearing into him.  It was an awesome sight, but not nearly as awesome as the face Sasuke made when he slowly undulated his hips and clenched his inner muscles.

“Haa…aah…nnn—”  The noises Sasuke was making cut off as he bit down on his lower lip, eyes closing in concentration.

Annoyed at the way Sasuke was still holding himself back, Naruto began to speed up his movements, slipping his hands inside the open jacket that still hung around Sasuke’s shoulders and rubbing his palms against the  hard chest in front of him.  He flicked a nipple painfully with his fingers, then leaned forward to lave it with his tongue.

Sasuke twitched.

‘Come on bastard,’ Naruto thought. ‘Let go.’

He sucked hard at Sasuke’s neck, then bit down.  Sasuke shuddered underneath him, then frantically grasped Naruto’s hips and started to move him up and down at a swift pace.

“Uhn…ff-uh-uck!” Naruto gasped as Sasuke abandoned his control and began to thrust upwards in earnest.

He clung to Sasuke’s shoulder and rested his head against Sasuke’s chest while the Uchiha built to a moaning, trembling climax.  Naruto shifted his hips restlessly as he watched Sasuke come back to himself, black eyes opening once more with a glazed and satisfied look to them.  Sasuke’s softening cock slipped out of him, and he dragged himself forward on the other boy’s lap, whimpering as he rubbed his still-in-desperate-need-of-attention cock on Sasuke’s stomach.

“Something you wanted?” Sasuke said, slightly breathless but with all the mockery he could muster.

Naruto growled and rubbed harder against him, fingernails digging into Sasuke’s sides.

“Come on bastard,” he hissed.  “Hurry up and do something about this!”

“Who was it lecturing about patience?” was Sasuke’s retort, but he grasped Naruto’s cock anyway and set up a punishing rhythm.

Within a few seconds, Naruto was coming all over Sasuke’s hand and stomach, splashes of semen staining the hem of the jacket.  He sighed with relief and bumped his forehead into Sasuke’s, enjoying the feel of the cool metal of the hitai-ate against his heated skin.

“There,” he said, nuzzling at Sasuke’s cheek, “you see?  I made it good.”

“Whatever,” Sasuke said, but there was a relaxed look to his face, and the arms around Naruto’s waist were free of tension.

Obviously that proved he was the best bottom ever, Naruto concluded, secretly gloating.  He wasn’t even going to bitch about rug burns and soreness like Sasuke always did.

‘I am the Hokage of sex!’ his mental cheering section chanted, as Sasuke finally seemed to remember that he was a cold bastard and pushed Naruto off of him.

“We need a shower,” the dark-haired man decided, with a grimace.  “And those clothes need to be thrown out.”

Naruto snapped to attention.  “What?  No way!  These clothes are still perfectly good; they just need to be washed.”

Sasuke shed the jacket with a sneer and then lifted an eyebrow.

“How about a compromise, then,” he offered.  “You get rid of this hideous old outfit—”

“It’s not hideous!”

“And I’ll let you buy me some new clothes.  Ones with—” The flush returned to Sasuke’s cheeks.  “—lots of zippers,” he finished.

Naruto stared at him for a few moments, then broke into a wide grin.

“Alright!” he shouted, jumping up to grab the jacket out of Sasuke’s hand and toss it at the nearest wastebasket with a small dance of triumph.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and stalked off towards the bathroom.

“And no orange,” he yelled over his shoulder.

“No orange, I promise,” Naruto replied, gleefully rubbing his hands together and wondering if Sakura-chan would be able to find him a shop that sold red leather jumpsuits with lots of zippers.

And then the sound of the shower starting up distracted him from his thoughts of a leather-encased Sasuke and to bring him thoughts of a very wet Sasuke.  He picked up the discarded orange pants and tossed those in the trash can as well, then ran with shinobi speed towards the bathroom.

“Oi, bastard!  Wait for me, dammit.”




  • oooh first comment.

    "Then again, if it's not a battle, it's not Sasuke" - so true.

    This was a great story... I liked the interaction between the two, and loved Naruto's flashback about the repercussions of the last time.
  • SOGOOD. sasuke in orange=win.

    thank you!!! <3 zippers.
  • hahahahaa lolz lovely
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