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Naruto: Brother's Keeper (ItaSasu)

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Naruto: Brother's Keeper (ItaSasu)

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gift from anna <3
Title:  Brother's Keeper
Author:  des_butterfly
Genre:  drabble, gen
Pairing:  Itachi/Sasuke
Rating:  PG
Summary:  'When Itachi's mother told him he would be getting a baby brother, Itachi didn't really see the point..'


When Itachi's mother told him he would be getting a baby brother, he didn't really see the point.

After all, his parents already had Itachi. What did they need with another son? But when his mother assured him that they couldn't just put the baby back wherever it came from--(cabbage leaves, Shisui had said, only Itachi didn't really believe him because he'd looked at cabbage leaves and there was no way a baby could fit between them like the ladybugs did)--Itachi had resigned himself to putting up with a little brother.

By the time Sasuke was three and Itachi was eight, Itachi had discovered that he was too strange and morose a boy for his mother to look upon him with anything more than a gentle, confused respect; and he was too skilled for his father to look upon him with anything more than pride and thinly disguised jealousy.  When his mother told him he would love Sasuke because Sasuke was his brother, Itachi accepted it silently, but he did not really begin to love Sasuke until the day the boy crawled into his bed and demanded a story to soothe away his vague and childish nightmares.

In Sasuke's eyes there was his mother's respect, yes and his father's jealousy too. But there was also an adoration so strong it nearly vibrated out through the quick-paced thud of his little brother's heart as he slung sleepy arms around Itachi's neck and clung tight to his chest.

Sasuke loved him, for the simplest things like saying his name so quietly, or setting his shoes by the door in the morning before leaving to train with Father.  Sasuke loved Itachi simply because he was his older brother.

Itachi loved Sasuke because Sasuke loved him first.



  • *melts*
  • Sweet, and a little bitter in hindsight. <3

    (And hahahaha cabbage patch kids. XD)
  • ZOMG that was the cutest thing EVA!!! Well, it was extremely cute and seemingly accurate for a little drabble like this, which is why I loved it!

    I envy you >o<.

    Eraya ^_~
  • Oh my God, that was so adorable <33
  • Itachi loved Sasuke because Sasuke loved him first. <- ...Where do you come up with these things, you brilliant...*sighs*

    How can something warm my heart, tickle my sympathy/sadness, and hurt all at once?
  • You make me feel for Itachi. ;_; I don't cry when I read, but I swear I have a heavy lump in my throat now.
  • naawww thats really cute.
    its stories like this that make me think.
    itachi's not that bad.
  • Oh this was just lovely! :D
  • Just perfect. :)
  • Brilliant!
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