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Naruto: Subjugation (OroKaka)

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Naruto: Subjugation (OroKaka)

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gift from anna <3
Title:  Subjugation
Author:  des_butterfly
Genre:  smut, angst
Pairing:  Oro/Kaka
Rating:  PG - 13, mind-fuck, non-con


"Step away from the boy, Kakashi."


"No?" Orochimaru smiled and took a step forward, watching with delight as Kakashi crouched into an attack position, hands in position to form a number of useless seals. It was pointless; both of them knew it. In battle, Kakashi was barely able to fight Kabuto on the same level. There was no way he could win against Orochimaru, a legendary Sannin. Especially not if he was trying to protect the unconscious Uchiha at his feet as well.

Orochimaru noted the markings in blood across the boy's skin, admired the craftsmanship. "That seal won't hold," he noted, tone mild and conversational. "As soon as Sasuke-kun lets his emotions take over, he'll succumb to the power I gave him. You can't save him."

"It doesn't mean I won't try."

"You'd really fight me for him, wouldn't you?" Orochimaru mused. "Even though you know you would die. That's almost sweet, Kakashi. What else would you do, I wonder, to keep him safe?"

There was a long pause, and then Kakashi's shoulders slanted, his hands falling to his sides. "What do you want?" he asked, slowly.

Orochimaru tilted his head to the side, pondering the many wonderful options. He didn't need to take Sasuke-kun now. The boy would come to him in his own time, and make that victory so much sweeter. But as Kakashi didn't know that, it wouldn't hurt to have a little...fun. A small experiment. Just how far would the masked man go for his student?

"On your knees," Orochimaru said, deciding on something small to start. Pride was something many shinobi couldn't stand to be stripped of. He would see how well Kakashi handled it.

There was another pause, and then a muffled thud as Kakashi's knees hit the floor, his hands still loosely curled. Orochimaru could see something that might have been anger about the eyes, but the mask obscured it more than a little. It would have to go.

"Crawl to me."

He had to admit, the other man moved with powerful grace, even while crawling on the floor. It ruined the effect a little, but Orochimaru enjoyed seeing that coiled strength in Kakashi's spine, bent and curved as he moved to kneel at his feet. Slowly, he reached down and twisted a silver lock of hair around his finger, playing like one might play with a favoured doll. When he reached down to cup Kakashi's cheek, the man's spine stiffened. There was a sharp gasp when one bone-white finger twisted under the cloth mask.

"Hold still," Orochimaru ordered, then pulled down the mask completely, exposing a face that, he assumed, had not been seen by another for a very long time. "Pretty mouth." The same finger that removed the mask now prodded between Kakashi's lips. If this were a dog, Orochimaru would expect a bite...

They watched each other; Orochimaru with calm curiosity, Kakashi with a delicious mixture of anger, humiliation, and apprehension; then Kakashi's eyes closed and his tongue lapped at the pad of Orochimaru's finger. Obedient. Whipped dog. Useless.

Orochimaru removed his saliva-wet finger, wiped it on Kakashi's mask and smiled coldly.

"How pathetic," he murmured, patting Kakashi on the head. "You don't even make a good pet."

The chidori whistled past his right cheek, without any effect. Laughing, Orochimaru left Kakashi on the ground next to his student. Alive. When Sasuke-kun came to him, it would be far more painful and humiliating than any punishment he could dream of.

He didn't want Kakashi to miss a single moment.



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